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Dalton Labda & Daniel Magam

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This vid fits perfectly into our Aqua gaymes channel – mix water with studly men, and the end result is always ball busting. In a lake-sized pool, studs Dalton Labda, who has a beautifully built body, and adorable Daniel Magam are doing a few laps. After a totally sexy use of juice, Magam releases Labda’s very hard cock and sucks away, then offers up his ass for penetration. After the intense pounding the pair jerk off in unison, with Magam spurting white stuff all over his washboard abs, and Labda erupting all over his hands. CLICK HERE

Dean, Derrick, Martin, Brendan & Tamas

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Dean, Derrick, Martin, Brendan and Tamas star in one of the most lavish groups scenes ever filmed. The five guys are hanging out on a sunlit deck in Sonoma Wine Country where their big cocks, good looks and hard bodies are perfectly displayed in the bright sunshine. Its clear all the men are into each other and this equates to some intense sucking and fucking. CLICK HERE

Blake Nolan Solo

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On a tropical island, Blake Nolan wanders off alone to explore the limestone cliffs, but soon is very much lost. He stops to rest, his huge hairy chest rising sharply with each deep breath. He finds a small spot of shade, the cliff towering hundreds of feet above him. Alone, he takes the only pleasure left, and strokes his cock while he enjoys his beautiful body with his hands. As he strokes his dick, his furry pecs get him so worked up that white jizz empties out everywhere. CLICK HERE